Popcorn Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Graffiti Removal

Acoustic Popcorn Ceiling Removal.

One of the drastic home improvements brings you acoustic ceiling removal. Removing old and obsolete popcorn texture brings modern look to your house and ceilings get virtually higher. In fact removing of the old texture is just half of the job. Another half is to smooth up or texture the ceiling and prepare it for the coat of paint. It is a time consuming process, which was originally omitted by the house builders to save few dollars and buried under popcorn texture. We care about your home. We make sure that every piece of furniture and floors are protected from the smallest dust particle. You can entrust your home in our hands, because we know how to do it right.

Texture Repair.

Before we put a coat of primer or paint, we fix every hole or crack on the wall. And every fixed hole, that is bigger than a quarter coins, requires texture match. Whether it is an orange peel or knock down texture, stipple or just flat wall, we match the texture of the patch to the existing texture.

Graffiti Removal and Protection.

The bigger the city you live in, the more your house is exposed to graffiti. For every messed painted wall, we would recommend to repaint it with the matching color. But for the brick, concrete and different stone material that need to be clean, we use appropriate paint removing methods like pressure washing, solvents, acids and heat to safely remove graffiti. For protection against future graffiti attacks, we recommend graffiti protective coatings.


Wood Repair.

On every house, more or less, there are places that need to be fixed. But before fixing it, we make sure the surface is safe from future exposure (It can be termites or leaking roof). We advise the owner for needed repair, and when the cause is eliminated, fix or replace damaged parts.


Texture Repair

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