Interior Painting.

On every interior (inside, indoor) project, we understand that we are strangers in your house. That's why our goal to be very efficient, quiet and clean, to finish our job on your time frames, without unnecessary delays. We working on hours, that are convenient for you, and every evening when we leave, we leave your home as clean as possible.

Before we start: We picture interior room configuration, in order to move furniture in right place later and hang pictures, where they belong. We ask our customer about their concerns and preferences. Cover floors with construction paper, plastic or drop cloth. Cover all furniture with plastic and make sure it's air tight (to prevent dust setting). Remove curtains, blinds, pictures from the walls.

When room is ready to paint: We patch any holes in the interior walls and damage in the wood. Match wall patch to existing texture on the wall. Seal with caulking any cracks in baseboards, crowns, windows, door frames and corners. We sand any rough surfaces, bumps and wood fillings. Prime all new, unprimed and troubled surfaces with appropriate primer. We apply as many coats of paint, as necessary (depends on a color) to achieve consistent sheen (gloss level) and color. For paint application we use sprayer, rollers or brushes depending on different surfaces and results.

Before we finished: We make sure all edges are sharp. Color, sheen and texture are consistent. Room is clean. Furniture, curtains, pictures in their places. Customer is satisfied with our performance. We leave touch up paint for all our customers along with paint specs list.


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