Exterior Painting.

Exterior painting (outside, outdoor), that's where knowledge and understanding of every painters product is the most important. Whether it is wrong preparation, bad choice of paint or primer, improper technique or even wrong time. All that will reflect in longevity of exterior finish. From our experience, exterior painting job should last at least 10-15 years for a new house before paint discoloration or any trouble spots appear, 8-10 years for repainted house. If house was painted improperly you will see first trouble signs in 2-3 years.

Before we start painting: We pressure wash every exterior surfaces to remove loose paint, mildew and dirt to ensure proper adhesion. Cover all windows, light fixtures, deck and furniture before preparation, as well as plants and flowers, concrete and vehicles (if there any)right before painting.

We fill every hole or crack with appropriate filler or caulking and restore original texture as necessary. We remove any loose paint either by scraping or by using heat gun and sand edges to level the surface. We try to avoid surface leveling with spackling paste or filler on loose paint spots, cause none of that will last long enough. We fix or discuss replacement of any damaged surface, whether it's wood, shingles, plaster or siding. We prime every unprimed or repaired surface. In some cases we prime everything ( if walls are too old or paint is incompatible). Along with paint spraying we back roll the paint with the roller, to ensure deep paint penetration and consistent finish.

Before we finished: We ensure we did not miss a spot by double checking and touching up. We ask your approval. We clean everything around. When we leave, we leave just neatly paint house behind, along with touch up paint and paint specs list.

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